How to Make a Recycled Loom Band Organizer

Introduction: How to Make a Recycled Loom Band Organizer

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This is a way to organize your loom bands without spending too much (or not spending at all).

Step 1: Materials Needed

You need:

Old cellphone box or other type of box

Empty matchboxes

Empty TicToc container or other mint candy brands

Step 2: Start Organizing

Pile the matchboxes like this. There you will place your loom bands in oder to segregate the colors.

Step 3:

As for the empty mint candy container, it will be use as the container for your S-clips or C-clips.

Step 4:

To make use of the remaining spaces of your box. You may add a divider (like cartoons) to place your remaining loom bands that you bought.

Step 5:

There you go! Your favorite loom bands are now organized without spending too much.........let me know your opinions by commenting below. Thank you.

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