How to Make a Recycled Wrist Watch Strap

Introduction: How to Make a Recycled Wrist Watch Strap

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on this instructable i will teach you on how to make a strap from junk bag straps and locks for your wrist watch that has damaged strap... this is how the strap of my wrist watch looked like, (the original leather strap).

Step 1: Materials That You Need (recycled)

Here are the materials that you need...

1. A strap from an old bag (i also include the lock when i cut it on the old bag)
2. Another strap that has a width equal to the size of the width of the original strap. (you can exclude     this material if your bag strap has the same width to the original strap).
3. Needle...
4. And thread for sewing the straps.


Step 2: Step 1: Removing the Old Leather Strap...

the first step is you must remove the old wrist watch strap using a scissor, cutter, or any tool that can remove the strap of your wrist can do it on your own way depending on the wrist watch that you have.

Step 3: Step 2: Inserting the Small Bag Strap.

cut two small straps and sew it in the two pins of the watch...

Step 4: Finished...

you are now finished. its easy as 123 from junk!!!
you can personalize your work depending on what you want....
me, i painted the black straps with green design..

regards from the Philippines !!!!

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