How to Make a Rubber Band Gun

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Have you ever wanted to shoot something? But you can't get a bb gun or anything else? Well this rubber band gun is the one of many I have made. It is some-what simple and very cheap. You can have wars, target practice, and even shoot squirrels!! (my favorite)


Step 1: Parts and Tools

a 1ft x 1ft sheet of wood (must be at least 1/2 thick)
at least 4 in of dowel that is smaller than the thickness of the wood

 a scroll saw (can use a hand saw)
drill bit the size of the dowel
wood glue

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

Although you can't see the picture well, Draw a design like it and cut it out. Cut the dowel into quarters so you have four 1 inch pieces of dowel.

Step 3: Drilling

Drill holes according to the diagram and place 2 dowels into the holes. The holes can't be deeper than 1/2 an inch or they will go in too far. Don't forget to glue.

Step 4: Finishing

Let the glue dry fo a while and test it out. load the rubber band on the front peg and strech it to the one by the grip. When ready to fire flick the rubber band off. Respond back on how well your gun did and look for mere projects by me, Project_Builder!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    cool me and my friends setup a club for ruber band guns and iv built a sniper and a min gun