How to Make a Rustic Table From Firewood

Introduction: How to Make a Rustic Table From Firewood

This past winter as we were cutting firewood I noticed how some of the sticks and logs looked kinda interesting. I thought that we could make little tables and things out of them. Now that it's Spring we started hunting down limbs and stumps we left behind to make these tables.

In this instructable there are no screws or nails used.
This is a simple project to do if you have the skills to use the tools.

Please use appropriate protection while using power tools

Items needed:

wood log
wood sticks
pocket knife
small hand saw
wood glue
paint brush
mineral spirits
drill and bit

Again please use eye protection while using power tools. Wood chips do fly.

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Step 1: Finding Odd Sticks

Search for your odd sticks and pieces to make your unique stool. Cut the stick so that the top and bottom is level.

Step 2: Cutting the Top

If you can't use a chainsaw find someone who can. Just cut the end off of a log.

Step 3: Finding Top Piece

I cut a piece off the top of a round log with a chainsaw (use eye protection)

Step 4: Drilling Holes

Next drill holes in top of odd stick (base) and in the bottom of the round top. Do not drill all the way through.

Step 5: Sanding

sand the top piece smooth so that the saw marks don't show. Do not sand the outer edge of bark.

Step 6: Making Peg

Nothing used for this project except the tools where store bought everything was found in and around the yard. This is where I also found a small enough, but strong, stick to make the dowel to hold the pieces together. Strip the bark off the small straight stick and round off the ends, make sure it's an easy but tight fit in the holes of the base and top. Dry fit this before glueing.

Step 7: Inserting the Dowel

fill the hole in the base with wood glue and smear glue on top of base 

Step 8: Place the Dowel

place the dowel in the base hole and set the top onto the top of the dowel and carefully press down til makes a snug fit.

Step 9: Polyurethane

follow the directions on the can. after using the brush on the project clean brush thoroughly with mineral spirits or paint thinner.

Step 10: Use a Brush

use a brush to apply polyurethane to the underneath as not to get dirt on the top. becareful and flip it over to coat the top. let dry according to the instructions on the can.

Step 11: Finishing

And now you have your rustic table, flower pot stand, etc.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Since I made this one I have made two more and they are all different.

    curious youth

    great ible! im going to attempt to create this but as 3 tables that fit under eachother. time to start searching for some odd wood :)