How to Make a Simple Indoor/outdoor Antenna

Introduction: How to Make a Simple Indoor/outdoor Antenna

step one aquire a frame with a horizontal bar at least a foot in length i used an old for sale sign. then steak it into the ground or hang it if you prefer It has to be metal. Might work with plastic but i wouldnt put your money on it

Step 1:

find some copper wire thats thin enough to fit inside the antenna jack on your tv/converter box i aquired my wire from a friend who ripped it out of an old car battery charger. Then wrap it around the top of your frame (horizontal metal part.) 70 times should work really well. keep between half inch to an inch spacing between each wrap then run the wire through a window or wall (if you choose to run it through a wall make sure you don't hit any phone/electrical wires!!!) make sure you have enough wire to wrap around and make it to your t.v.!

i am not responsible/liable for any damage/harm you do to yourself or your things        

Step 2: Conclusion

and then it should work! my antenna has hardly any digital"static" which can be really annoying. it works better than any antennas i've bought note the higher the better. also if you put this on top of your roof you might want to ground it out  

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