How to Make a Simple Lemon Battery


Introduction: How to Make a Simple Lemon Battery

thin instructerbule will show you how to make a simple lemon battery

Step 1:

first what you will need for your battery

galvinised nail
 a peice of thick copper wire
battery tester

Step 2:

what you will need to do is put your nail into the lemon about 3cm in then grab your copper peice and stick it in (about the same distance in) next to the nail

Step 3:

then all you need to do is use your battery tester to see if its working but it only will put out up to 0.9v which is not that much

also once you do this you can put two lemon batterys just using the wire to conect it together and get more volts

Step 4:

now you are done

plz comment and keep in mind this is my first instructerbule and iv never made one before



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    Its awesome dude?

    Capitalize ;)

    Also, a galvanized nail is zinc plated, not aluminum.

    What kind of amperage do you see? Does it change under load (with a resistor in series)? Does it depend on the freshness of the lemon?

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    year i know but i accsidently used the wrong photo but yes is is ment to be zink platted my mistace

    First of all, you really don't know how type correctly.Second of all,is yeah,not year, THIRD OF ALL, WHO IS THE ROBOT, I'M NEW TO THIS YOU KNOW!

    *cough* Leave a space after a period or a comma, and you should have typed it's, not is. *cough*



    Fourthly - welcome to the site!

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    (part of your friendly neighbourhood Community Team)

    > Use your own photos.

    > Capitals, grammar and spelling.

    > The image in step four is not a lemon battery.

    Apart from that (which sounds very negative), good job - next challenge, make your own project with original images.

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    sorry i was just seeing if could make one year but next one i make il be taking my own photos and making every thing better

    But you said year though.Its yeah , and you typed il, its will..I'm not trying to be mean though,but it's weird,you have to try harder.