How to Make a Simple, Old Fashioned, Back Scratcher

Introduction: How to Make a Simple, Old Fashioned, Back Scratcher

this is an instructable to show you how to make a back scratcher from a corn cob.

i learned how to make these from my great grandmother and she told me this is how they made
back scratchers when she was a kid.

Note: at the time i didn't have a corn cob with corn on it so i used some google pictures

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Step 1: Materials

corn cob
bamboo skewer or dowel rod (if you use a dowel rod you will have to sharpen the end and cut it the length you want it.)

you might need:
a knife
a drill

Step 2: Striping and Drying the Corn

take your cob and scrap all the corn off
then let it set outside or inside until it drys completely and hardens

Step 3: Skewering the Cob

now take your bamboo skewer or sharpened dowel rod push it through the back side of the cob (the flatter side not the pointed side)
about 2 inches in.

Note: some times it will be difficult to push it through. if so take a drill and drill a small hole down the middle of the cob.

the corn cob in the picture broke when i put it on.

Step 4: Smoothing the Cob

next take a lighter and hold the flame to the cob as you turn it and move it back and forth so it doesn't burn the cob.

this gets rid of little bits of the cob that stick out to much. it makes the cob more smooth, so it's not rough and cuts you.

thank you and enjoy.
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