How to Make a Simple Ripstik

Introduction: How to Make a Simple Ripstik

this instructable I will show you how to make a simple ripstik
the supplies:
2 casters
a board of wood
8 screws.
a drill
a saw (any saw that could cut into wood)
and a sander
grinder (optional incase the screws go through the wood)

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Step 1: Making the Board

in this step cut out the board any shape or length

Step 2: Making the Wedges

when you want to make some wedges use some left over wood that you used to make the board out of earlier and make the wedges the highest point 1 in.- 1.5 in. and in length should be 2 in. and the width is an inch and the angle is 20*-45*

Step 3: Install Casters on the Wedges

you need 2 casters and the wedges should be facing the front and screw those casters an wedges on the board and if the screws go through the board then go get a grinder and grind the edges off until the ends are flat on the board. and get the sander to sand the edges off.

Step 4: How to Ride It

all you need to do is that whan you steer move the legs in the opposite direction and lean into a turn a bit and thats all (painting is optional)

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    5 years ago

    Could you please post a video with this I would like to see how well this works.