How to Make a Simple Tool Organiser

when i was putting my bedroom in order, i found some 1 meter publicity measuring tapes.
after think a little, i figured out that I could build a tool organiser.
all you need is the measuring tape and electrical tape (is only to glue it on the wall)
later I will add something to let the screwdrivers spin, probably from a neck keyring.

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Step 1: Assembling

to assemble you only have to make a hole in the point and using a ring, connect the keyring to the measuring tape and put the keyring in the screwdriver or make a hole by the 3cm (1 inch), put there a ring and use some electrical tape to secure the tape and the screwdriver.

Step 2: Securing in the Wall

my workbench is made of wood, so, to secure it I just use some electrical tape and a staple gun

Step 3: Finish

now You've finished, is just make as many as you want (or can, like me)



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