How to Make a Small Altoids Givaway

things needed

1. 8 mentos
2. sharpie
3. tape
4.14 beads not 15
5. altoids small or bigi like small beter
6. screwdriver
7. paper

Step 1:

use sharpie to mark part were u dent the meatle like this 5 on botom 4 next so on and so forth

Step 2:

print out drections of how to play cut out abd put in can with beads like so

the object of this puzzle is to remove all but one bead (or what ever u are using) from the borad to remove a bead you must jump over a nother bead in to an empty spot   this is how to set up the beads         

no bead on the first hole

Step 3:

add mentos or what ever candy you want then  putname of guest on tin like so              your done



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