How to Make a Sock Puppet

this is the finished product

Step 1: Step 1

what you need:

a sock

Step 2: Step 2

cut two peices of felt out ( choose colours) and these will be your top and skirt sew at the back of skirt & top and add 1 or 2 buttons

Step 3: Step 3

put your hand in the sock to help you sew this on properly.
choose a coloured thread that matches your felt, sew it on but take your time

Step 4: Step 4

get some white wool and cut them into reasonable lengths for hair ( mine is white for a grandmother ) then place them on top and sew in the middle of the wool

Step 5: Step 5

get some white and green felt and cut it into circles. sew the green circles on to the white circles and sew them just below the hair

Step 6: Step 6

snip off any extra bits of thread and ta da theres your sock puppet. take time in this though



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