How to Make a Mini Spray Can Container




Introduction: How to Make a Mini Spray Can Container

how to make a usefull container, ideal for storing pencil sharpeners, rubbers, memory cards and all number of other things from a spray paint can . .

caution l ! this involves sharp metal and pressurized gas, do it carefully if you give it a go !

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Step 1: Tools

ok, your going to need a few tools to get this done

-an empty can of paint -
- some masking tape -
- good sharp tin snips -
- modified mole grips - *
- sand paper -
- a drill an fairly large drill bit -

*i welded two metal steps to my mole grips to create a crimping tool. i believe they use these on cars to help when welding two thin panels together..

Step 2: Empty Can

Although all the paint that was once in your can has been sprayed far and wide, it still contains quite a bit of pressured gas.
Remove most of this by balancing something heavy on top of the cap for 10 mins or until it's stopped hissing.
Next select a big drill bit, put on some goggles and carefully so not to dent the can, drill a hole somewhere in the middle of the can.
( this could be very dangerous as the gas within the can is often flammable, it maybe best to pierce it with a knife or spike to release gas. i've had no trouble drilling cans but i don't want anyone to hurt themselves because of something i've suggested)

Step 3: Cutting

Now you can cut the can in half with your tin snips, pour out any left over paint and the bearings and leave it to dry for 5 mins. don't worry if your cuts looking a bit messy at this stage we still need to trim it down.
i use masking tape to mark my cut lines, i left 35mm of can at the top and 70mm on the bottom.
once you have this marked up you can go ahead and trim down to the line this works best if you cut a long spiral from the can rather than just rushing and hacking at it . . .
once you have to nice neat ends you can sand the edges smooth and remove your tape.
put the top half of the can somewhere safe and mark a new line on the bottom half about 15mm bellow the cut you just finished.
make about 6 cuts down to this mark as shown in the second picture . . .

Step 4: Crimping

using your modified mole grips begin following the line you marked, crimping a nice ridge into the can. you will have to go round a few times and do a little flexing and positioning with your fingers, but it will soon start to form a perfect recess for the top half of the can to sit onto.

the more care you put into this part the better the outcome will be!

Step 5: Paint/sticker/print

try the lid for size. it might need a little more crimping on the bottom piece, if it fits admire your handiwork and have a think about decorating it . .
some brands of paint look cool without doing anything to them. but if you've come this far you might as well carry on! for this one i printed a sticker id drawn onto self adhesive paper and stuck it on, using a scalpel to trim it afterwards. you could also paint or pen straight onto the can . . .

i have a few of these cans i've made for sale on the craft site etsy along with a few other things i've made from cans and the paint that comes in them . . . .

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