How to Make a Stop Animation Video

Introduction: How to Make a Stop Animation Video

Some people ask why not just video tape something. Well 1st why not 2nd you can make toys come to life and shoes walk with no feet in them 3rd well, give me a challenge. So there are a couple reasons to make a stop animation video. Instead of just videotaping stuff

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Step 1: Choose Your Movie and Setting

Ideas don’t come out of thin air so you are going to need to sit down and think. Here are some ideas I’ve done it with action figures, I’ve made shoes walk around by themselves  but the particular one I’m doing is with little wooden dolls.

Step 2: What You Need

Things you’ll need
• A good quality camera
• Windows movie maker
• A tripod (optional)
• A lot of patience
• And whatever your  using
A tripod really helps but mine broke, and mine turn out alright

Step 3: The Basic Rules

1st spacing the pictures apart, every picture you take should be about half an inch apart.

2nd be patient, it could take you 2 hours to make a five minute video

And3rd it doesn’t have to be perfect for example don’t use a ruler to measure half an inch or it’ll take you all day long

Step 4: Getting Started

Find a spot to do it. I’m using a bench any flat surface works. But don’t use any place that is used often because if someone uses it could be completely messed up, and also don’t do it on carpet because it is unsteady and looks like an earthquake is happening in the video. Then your  ready

Step 5: Taking Pictures

If you want to make them all move forward. it would go like this. Take a picture, Move one forward, take a picture, move one forward, ect.

Step 6: Putting the Pictures Together

Now there’s not a lot to be said about taking the pictures so it’s time to use windows movie maker there have been many updates so I’ll try my best  to explain my best  first open it up

Step 7: Put in the Pictures

First download your pictures then copy and paste them into the area that says “click here to browse for videos” make sure they are in order

Step 8: Finish Up

Select all the pictures or on mine there is a “select all” button. Then go to edit and put the duration on 0.15 then save and your done.

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