How to Make a Straight Hole With Tnt in Minecraft




Introduction: How to Make a Straight Hole With Tnt in Minecraft

tired of diggind and minning and digin to make a tunnel? i got the solution!
very simple!

Step 1: Part List... Lol

you will need ;
1 or more TNT
1 or more block (cobblestone , dirt etc.)
1 flint and steel

Step 2: Digging

find a relatively flat wall then mine foward until you cant reach the last block .

Step 3: Adding TNT

Put a TNT in the hole

Step 4: Playing With Fire

put fire in front of the TNT .

IMPORTANT: don't blow up the tnt now!

Step 5: Finally

quickly place a block in front of the fire . then step back and wait!



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    Or just use a block of cobblestone TNT and a lever by digging 2 blocks in and then place tnt and after that place a cobblestone then on there place lever and have fun

    Nice! So I'm not the only one who realized that a TNT's explosion can be limited.

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