How to Make a Straw Rocket AWESOME

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you will need a ruler, scissors, straws, bike pump, fins and hot glue gun 
(sorry no pic of glue gun, pump and fins they come later)

Step 1: Step 1

you will need to cut your straws at 6 to 8 cm long

Step 2: Step 2

cut out fins like this so that there are 3 fins on the straw

you can make your own but we used fins courtisy by some other dude on instructables

Step 3: Step 3

fold and glue together the fins like so

Step 4: Step 4

put a tab of hot glue into the top of the straw and put the fins around just above the base

Step 5:

let the glue cool then put the bottom of the straw in the bike pump and give it a swift pump and it will shoot upwards

we have used a different pump (electric) which makes it go higher but we fiddled around for a while trying to make it higher.

many thanks who did something very similar (we made a bigger straw)

tell us what you think

Step 6: FIRE




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