How to Make a Stylus for a Nintendo DS


Introduction: How to Make a Stylus for a Nintendo DS

If you have a Nintendo DS then you have, or had a stylus. Since the stylus is pretty small,I made a new one to replace the one I lost. the things you need are: bamboo skewer,sand paper, glue(I used hot glue), knife, and thin cardboard.

Step 1: The Tip

the tip is pretty easy too make, as all you do is cut of a small amount of the tip and sand it round.

Step 2:

now most DS's have a small slot for the stylus to go in. too keep it in, the stylus has a small flat piece attached. to make this, I glued cardboard on, layering till it was the right size.

Step 3:

all done! this should work just as well as a regular one, but with a homemade look. 



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