How to Make a Substitute for Gun Powder




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Intro: How to Make a Substitute for Gun Powder

i am NOT responsible for any damage to make this you will need

. match box full of matches

. knife

. fine sieve

. paper

. battery or pipe

. pliers

Step 1: The Matches

start by using the pilers to take the heads of the matches

be careful to not gat any wood

Step 2: The Match Box

with the knife scrape the striker set aside the striker powder for later

Step 3:

put the matches on the paper and crush it with the battery

Step 4: The Sieve

put the match powder in the sieve and shake the sieve on another piece of paper if there is any more match powder in the sieve

crush it with the battery and put it through the sieve again than mix the striker powder with the match powder the more striker powder you put in the bigger the bang

Step 5: Boom

on a rock or piece of metal is a good place to explode it works good for emergency fire starter



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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago

    is it as explosive as gun powder?


    3 years ago on Introduction

    costly, wouldn't reccomend it for metallic reloading.