How to Make a Survival Bow & Arrow

if your lost in the wild your gonna get hungry you will need to hunt this bow is great for hunting rabbits and other small animals this is not a very strong and doesn't look very good either but when your lost you don't need fancy you need functional

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Step 1: Things to Bring and Things to Find

things you should carry in your backpack
fishing line
pocket knife

things to find
three long freshly cut off sticks
one long thin strong stick

Step 2: Prepare the Wood

take your three long sticks and cut off any leafs and branches

Step 3: Bind It Together

take your robe and bind it in five places at both ends the middle and between both ends and the middle any kind of knot will work for binding as long as its strong

Step 4: Stringing Your Bow

take your fishing line it should be one and a half times the length of your bow tie a knot around the end of your bow tie the other end slowly bend the bow and put the other end of the fishing line on the bow once the bow is strung pull on the string to make shore its tight

Step 5: The Arrow

take the long thin stick cut a notch in one end and sharpen the other end just a simple arrow

Step 6: Done

your done now you can eat little rabbits for dinner any suggestions and feedback would be great

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    78 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    How many pounds does that bow hold? 3-5? That bow will not aid you in hunting at ALL. I'm a beginner bowyer and my first bow is still much stronger than your ''survival'' bow.

    composite bow.jpg
    11 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    You're probably not gonna have that bow out in the wilderness in desperate need of survival so STFU.

    Ah yes, just as I was looking for. May I ask, a few questions? How old do people start archery? And do you know what the best wood for a handmade bow is?


    Reply 4 years ago

    You can start at any age, I started when I was 5 yrs old. And I have a friend who started when they were 4. Though I think now you have to be 5 yrs or above. You can shoot up to any age as long as you are fit enough.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I agree. A simple pointy stick would be a better weapon than this. It lacks structural support or flexibility.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    i got an idea cut down a tree make a stone knife carve it make rope out of some wild grass (simlar to wheat) amnd make it into fibers then make the arrow and the arrow head string it on and good
    * the problum is easy to solve when your not destristed try and write down ideas before you go out carry a emenegry book out of laiamanated out of pages
    *keep in mind that survival book means life unless you cheat on the skills and have a generator and a cell phone


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    look man, you wont find that sweet bow in a survival situation, hell you'll be lucky if you had the fishing line and paracord; and the spear idea that that guy below mentioned? hell no, do you know how much noise you make with the crawl to get close enough for effective throwing range, much less the noise from the movement of chucking it(which you mostly dont know how to do properly)? no man, this bow could be a god send. true probably doesnt pack much power and isnt the ideal bow, but at least you got some range on your prey; even if you dont kill said prey, maiming it with a well placed arrow can give you the window to take it down up close and personal. dont get cocky cause youre an amateur archer, this may just save you in a situation you never thought you'd be in, and where's your neat bow then? by the way, SWEET bow, i like :D


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    ok dude were talking save your life bow not sit at home in a safe place bow but your bow does sound good so you shold make ahow to or a vido

    okay then, find some expert woodsman to show you how to make good bow out in the wild out of crap twigs and branches. its not easy at all.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    lol wouldn't be called survival bow now would it. instead, it would have been professionally hand crafted bow that can over kill any animal for hunting.


    4 years ago on Step 6

    You all are being very skeptical and unsupportive. Just saying. Also, grammar.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    It is amazing how people tend to just slam anyone that does not have their "experience". strarbucks tried to show how, in dire straights a bow can be fabricated from what is at hand. And yes, this may not be the strongest bow in the world, but at least it is something. As to hunting rabbits, believe me, if you can shoot accurately enough you can. If you are an indifferent shot, not even a .22 rifle will kill a rabbit. And please, I am no expert, just an amateur that has tried quite a few things before. Besides, the concept is quite sound. A bundle of sticks will give you power if a thick limb is not available.

    Hey, give him a break people. You've got to remember that when you're out in the wild, you're limited on supplies and materials. I find this very cool! :D

    1 reply

    Yeah it is cool, and if you ever find your self in a position where your lost you'll be happy to have some sort of weapon, like this bow.


    9 years ago on Step 6

    Good question, I'm not sure this would be powerful enough to actually kill or even disable a rabbit at any reasonable distance. I've gotten within ten feet of a wild rabbit, and I'm not sure this would do it. That's not to say it couldn't, just that I'm skeptical.

    3 replies
    Robot LoverArcticpheonix

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 6

    well hunting rabbits with a bow is not sensable unless you are willing to draw the bow back for 10 minutes until you spot the rabbit. it is not great to hunt with the bow because drawing the bow when you spot the rabiit would spook him and he would run away. You probably would not hav any luck shooting anything. ;0

    Archery01Robot Lover

    Reply 4 years ago

    I don't agree with you at all, I shoot rabbits and drawing the bow back certain doesn't scare the rabbit, and you only have to draw the now back when you spot the rabbit, once you aim, then fire you've only been holding the draw for about 1 min 30secs at the most.