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Step 1:

first just basicly jab the pen onto a desk, book or a hard serface to remove the ink tube and other parts however you do need the pen tube if you want you can use the pen cap and if you cannot jab it apart then pull it apart

Step 2:

now to secure the pen tube to the turkey baster  with the adhesive tape personally the way the author makes it wrap around the turkey baster this is probbly a good way on how to do it remeber the goal for this step is to get a air tight seal

Step 3:

now to load just insert a bb or pen cap i have not tested the pen cap yet let me know how it is through the comments into the pen tube and just suck up the bb into the tube
 now to shoot just squeeze the bulb of the turkey baster you can also jab and or punch the bulb to shoot it or even pound it downwards and to suck up the bbs just do it the same as you would as it normally would
disclaimer: the owner of the idea which is the author and the maker of this air rifle it is based on is not reponsable with anything done with this in any way,shape or form also do not shoot at the eyes or neck or other areas of pain also this is for legel use only it's okay to play with it it's like a nerf gun depending if execpt when stuck and then someone has no choice but to pressurize it out at that point is the most painfull time escepally if it's deeper in than normal now after some exeperince then you can do not without as much noise ether way it would not be louder than a nerf gun in fact even if it's at it's loudest excluding sound effects and other noises thaT  are not generated by this toy also the colors i have recomended is for cirtain areas which is like a ornage tip we also recmmend making serial numbers and registering due to other regulations just one aceptioin to the licence and only this one for all my articles and that is the endorsing so you can endorse any of my articles

Step 4: Updates on Everything

update using ahesive tape wrap the tape around all areas execpt where the bb exits and if it's big enough then use clay and mix it with glue and secure it together plus this will stop any leaks also you should still be able to squeeze the bulb of the turkey baster
 updates on disclaimer
 and if you have a clug you can ether wack the bulb until it shoots out or if that does not work you can untape the pen tube and poke the bb out however if you untape it then you must retape the pen tube
#1  for legal use only other people are not responsible for anything with this in any, way, shape or form the makers of this article which is the inventor is legally entitled through the patent law and use the most law wise choices with this gun safety applies update so any pictures of this item is property and any photo that are idea protected which mean it's a volation to not set only the pictures of it for free due to for noncomesral use only and comescal images that's the the author which the owner of the idea and athorized of the idea owner and which is the only people who are legelly allowed to comescally make photos as well as selling and includes any comercasal use in any way,shape or form

#2 another legel execption is to rebuild a social bond and structure
 this is aproved and tested as of the top part

Step 5:

how to weaponize
well since this meets my mom's aproval so airsoft can be played just attach a pressure regulator

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    this is good, just dont comment on your own ible so much. people will hate on you.


    8 years ago on Step 4

    i know it says may 13th yeah i had the idea it just was not made until may 13 2011 also i still execpt only usage that fits the be nice policy


    8 years ago on Step 4

    i tryed it out and it's at least triple as good with the updates because mine was existing since year 2009 or 2008 or later compared to that it was on may 15th year 2011 that i invented for this pourpse again i claim it


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This toy turkey baster air rifle air gun is semi decent,works good even if you compare serial of multipule shots and i have tested it plus people should be rating this stuff besides i have made it good i also want it to be on google,scoial networking,etc and other i need it to be well known
    today is the first day of the first veiw besides the author which is may 15 year 2011 and although the pictures say the date of photo is year 2009 however it's probbly because it's still good and i did not change the batterys and it's still good the real day of the pictures is may 14th year 2011
    try it out it works gareenteed that is if it's air tight and have the right cailber and size
    how to make a toy turkey baster air rifle
    the cost of the air gun that i have mentioned below which talks about crosman semi decent the one i made and invented costs only $11.97
    personally i have invented a inproved way of airsoft and air gun that's semi decent which just copy and paste this internet protocol address since cutting and pasting is not avalable unless you paste it some where and use that
    below this is the internet protocol address