How to Make a Usb Cap From Junk

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on this instructable i will teach you on how to make a usb cap from junk plastic

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Step 1: Materials...

what you need is:

1.junk plastic

2. some fire for heating and melting the plastic or you can use anything to melt the parts of the plastic that needs melting

3. sand paper

4. hack saw blade

Step 2: Making the Usb Cap Part 1

first cut a long rectangle on the plastic following the size of the usb that needs to be covered,
then heating the part of the plastic that needs to bend and it should look like this

Step 3: Making the Usb Cap Part 2

after the bending process, each end of the bended plastic must be covered so i bonded the other ends of the bended plastic to another plastics by melting both ends of the plastics, but you can use glue instead, i dont have any glue so i just melted the plastic.

Step 4: Making the Usb Cap Final Part

after the bonding process the unwanted plastic must be removed so i used the hack saw blade to remove it, and after sanding the edges it looked like this.

this cap was for my converted mp3 player, you can see how i made it on my other instructable

now you can make your own usb cap!!!!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Working with plastic like this can be tricky, you did well to get it together. Can you add a picture of the cap in use?


    3 replies

    Yes I saw that one (after this) - should be easy to drop an image in, not critical but it's nice to finish on the final thingy.