How to Make a Wall Climbing Zone in Minecraft!




Introduction: How to Make a Wall Climbing Zone in Minecraft!

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if your a Skylanders fan, you know the game thats coming out October 13 is Skylanders Swap Force. In the game there is a wall climbing zone you use with a skylander with a climbing trait. Note this is not my idea so give credit to TheSkylanderBoyandGirl for this idea!

Step 1: Materials

gold,diamond block,ladders,wool and anything else you can use as an obsticle!

Step 2: Tower

build a 1x3 diamond tower up to the building limit.

Step 3: Gold

build a gold tower next to it but leave it 2 blocks short.

Step 4: Wideness

this is how wide mine will be. the more wider, the more obstacles you can put on it.

Step 5: The Wall

this is what you should get

Step 6: Ladders

cover one side of the wall with ladders.(took me a whopping 6 minutes to do this!

Step 7: Obstacles

break some of the ladders to make spaces you cant climb on

Step 8: Cliffs

put diamonds on it to make cliffs you cant climb over.

Step 9: Rings

not really an obstacle, but its very neat to climb through

Step 10: Viola!

there is your skylanders swap force wall! heres their video if you want to check it out! please favorite, and follow! if you have any questions, please ask in the comments and i will reply in less than 24 hours!



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    10 Discussions

    1. Does it matter what size it is, just as long as its long enough to have fun and have some obstacles.

    2. Can you put platforms in between if you want?

    3.Could you please make an instructable on a mansion please?

    Lastly 4. Do you really reply in less then 24 hours? That would be really stress-free if that's true. Thanks for this awesome instructable! KittyKat04

    How cool i love it!!!!! : )


    4 years ago

    Oh right. PE..... PC then :3


    4 years ago

    Redstone Trap mode activated :3

    Nice im about to go build it

    i truly dont know how man


    4 years ago

    How do you get the 1/16 of a snow block?

    sorry you cant copy the link on mobile just go on youtube and search FGTeeV and find the video!