How to Make a Water Proof Match Box From a Mint Tin




Introduction: How to Make a Water Proof Match Box From a Mint Tin

in this, my first instruct-able i will show you how to make a water resistant match box it will stop them getting wet but wont survive a submergence
has in built strike strip and fits in your pocket nicely only needs junk around your house

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Step 1: What You'll Need

scissors used my swiss army knife
an eclipse mint tin (you can use similar tins i just like these
a box of matches
some glue that can glue cardboard to metal

Step 2: Sealing Up the Box

use some glue to seal the base some so it doesn't leak.
do the same with the top edge to make a gasket
and cover the holes for the hinge on the inside

Step 3: Adding the Striker Strip

cut out the striker strip and glue it on the under side of the lid

Step 4: Back Up Strikers

now this is an optional step
using the remaining strike strips 
glue them on a bit of pop-stick  and use them as back up strike strips

Step 5: Finnish

add the matches HEAD DOWN!!!not head up like pictured!! and your finished
head down is for safety reasons as the heads could rub on the striker and you will end up with a box of fire in your pocket.

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Fun fact: matches were made AFTER the lighter.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    You might want to put the matches "HEAD DOWN" in the box

    The striker on the inside of the lid cover sounds like a risky idea. Matches will eventually come in contact with it and could (very hardly, but why take the risk?) light up.
    You'll not end with a fire in your pocket, but with a box with burnt matches that will not serve you when you need them.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I had read that you can waterproof matches soaking them in gasoline. Obviously, then you must let them dry totally before using