How to Make a Water Squirting Pen

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Now learn the power of vaccum .This is basically a syringe disguised as a pen .This a instructable to make a pen which a can suck water and can shoot it far away.So,you can spray water on a friend and get away with being noticed .


Step 1: Materials Needed

All you need for making this is pen is

  • a pointed object
  • a pen
  • electrical tape
  • scissors

Step 2: Deciding the Type of Pen

Requirements for a pen-

  • A pen with a empty
  • refill removable top and bottom caps
  • without a spring
  • with a round barrel (very important)

Step 3: Prepare Your Pen

Open the top and the bottom caps and remove the refill .

Now take the refill and wrap some electrical tape around the refill.

Wrap the tape in just the right amount so that when the refill is put back in the barrel it should move freely and provide a little vaccum.

Step 4: Final Assembly

Now put the refill back in ( use may have to remove the tip of the refill to put the refill back in , so may sure to use a empty refill)and pierce a hole in the top cap of the pen .

screw the cap back on you're ready to use the pen

Step 5: How to Use

To use pull the refill out from the front while dipping the pen in a glass of water .

Now aim at an target and push the refill in to squirt water on the target.

I have posted a video to show how mine turned out

Happy pranking and exploring .



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