How to Make a Wooden Phaser

welcome to how to make a wooden phaser

i'm cah el your guide and let's begin shall we?

Step 1: Time to Gather Materials

you will need
  a 2x4
table saw or band saw for cutting out the pieces
hot glue gun and glue for an adhesive
dremel rotary tool
cardboard (for details)
duck tape for the finish(or paint it, it's up to you)
black paint or a black sharpie (either way)
something for reference pictures ETC.

Step 2: Begining the Design Layout

bring out your 2x4 and draw the design on board like so

Step 3: Cutting Out the Handle

make your cuts i used my table saw to make the angles on the handle like wise

Step 4: Draw Out the Next Part and Cut It Out

what you're is like part 2 but for a different part

Step 5: Another Part Another Cut Out

 mark your wood again and cut it out

Step 6: Starting to Take Form

glue together the parts as shown here and draw the lines for the details in the handle

Step 7: Add the Handle Details

glue cardboard on the handle  where you drew the design and cut out the design to the she shape

Step 8: Continuing the Build

in this step we are gluing the third piece and more detail
parts like so

Step 9: The Second Piece From the End

next we will cut out a smaller shape of the phaser of the upper beam emmiter

Step 10: Making the Final Piece and Gluing It On

i made an even smaller emmiter similar to the other one for the last piece  with my dremel

Step 11: Finishing Up

pretty much tape or paint or both in my case and you are finished

have fun



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