EL Wire Oxygen Mask

Introduction: EL Wire Oxygen Mask

This all starts back in February after i got back surgery and i asked the nurses if I could keep my face mask. They gave me a weird look and i replied "i do haunted houses in October and I always tend to play a doctor of some sort" so they replied by filling a bag full of hospital stuff lol.

A few months ago a friend gave me an EL Wire dog leash but had pretty much striped it down to the bare EL Wire and battery box. So for months I was unable to think of any thing to use it with until I saw the EL Wire contest and finally figured out I could use it with my oxygen mask.

This instuctable should be easy enough for any one to do.

Also I would like to thank ever one who viewed and voted for my last submission for the usb contest

Step 1: Lets Get Started, Gather Your Supplys


You'll need some sort of oxygen mask with a tube, just mask sure there are enough air hole in the mask since you will be plugging up the tube.

One EL Wire dog leash, or you can purchase EL Wire from http://thatscoolwire.com/ along with a battery pack.


marker (if you want)
ruler or tape measure (if you want)
hot glue gun
also you will need some epoxy with / instead of the hot glue (edit)

Now if you couldn't find the dog leash el wire you will need to contruct your own el wire with battery pack set up, but you should be able to find the dog leach for under $20.

One important note make sure the el wire is as long or shorter than the tube because its alot easier to cut the tube.

Step 2: Disassembly / Assembly

I forgot to add this step but it is necessary if you use the dog leash, the only reason i forgot to add it is some one disassembled it for me. The only tips i can give you is be carefull not to kink any of the wire or it will short out like mine did


Step 3: Measure Twice Cut Once....crap

Take the tube and EL Wire and put it side by side make sure it will have more than enough room to fit inside. Now you slide the EL Wire in as far as you can, but if you have trouble and it gets stuck grab the end of the EL Wire that is not connected to the battery pack. When you have a hold of the end in the tube pull on the length of the tube so it stretches and quickly pinch the end of the tube closest to the battery pack and let go of the end farthest away, now repeat the a hundred more time until you reach the end.

Now when you reach the end cut the tube about and inch or so way from the wire, in my case I needed yo leave a little room so i could stick the cap in from the cut portion of the tube. The cap is the part that connects the tube to the mask.

Step 4: Glue It or Loose It

Now that you have the EL Wire inside of the tube you'll notice the wire will tend to slide out if you move it at all.  so as you can see in the second picture i could not get the tube to sit flush against the battery pack at all so i took out my friend the hot glue gun and taged it into place as I uses my shimmy trick to press the tube against the battery pack (the same trick I used to get the wire into the tube). Now in picture 3 you'll see its all nicely and firmly glued in place, you can use epoxy on this step but only its the hot glue fails. (EDIT) you will need the epoxy for the base i just broke it tonight so i may have to cut the bad part of wire out

On the other end (picture 4) figure out how much you want between your wire and cap then trim off any excess tube you have fill the end of the tube with hot glue and jam the cap into spot holding it in until the glue cools down and hardens. I glued the end so no moisture will get into the wire as you breathing in this mask and trust me you get one hell of a shock from this.


Now that you buttoned every thing up in the last step pop the cap end back into the mask, stick the battery pack into your pocket and show off your handy work

Depending on what your looking for you can keep going, spray paint the mask, glue some gears onto it,  the sky is the limit.

The extra pictures are me wearing the mask an hour ago in some of my haunted house costume and the other 2 pictures are from last years haunted house showing how i'm updating the costume.

Feel free to ask me questions, give me suggestions this is only my second intructable so please give me some feed back.

edit i broke it tonight the wire is shorting its self out like it did when i first got it, but at least it lived long enough to be posted

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    9 Discussions


    9 years ago on Step 3

    when I was doing some wire-running in robots and bikes I found that compressed air and a bit of string is a great help.

    Here is how:
    1) Cut a piece of string about 3 inches longer then you need to run.
    2) Tie one end to the wire you are running.
    3) Place the end of the string in the tube
    4) use compressed air to "blow" the string through the tube.

    You may also get it to work with a vacuum on the opposing end!


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 3

    thanks for the advice but with the el wire your really can't do that, but i do usually use that method for all the other stuff i build


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 3

    No no. don't blow the el wire. Blow a piece of thread. Regardless you should be able to pull it if its straight.


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 3

    i never said to blow the el wire, i said you cant do that since its such a tight fit the string would make it too wide to fit and it would just slide off the end because if you bend the l wire sharply it shorts out the wire


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 3

    could work, but you could run into a few issues, i would test this out but the damn thing broke after it being built for only a day due to pre existing issues