How to Make an Awesome Little Plane?!

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Step 1:

What you need is a ball pen and a set square...
hold on it's just the beginning!

Step 2:

you can use what ever ball pen you like
i prefer a "Bic" because it has a more streamlined shape.
Make sure that the ball pen has a clip (or whatever that's called),
It is crucial for the further manufacturing of your awesome little plane!

Step 3:

now take the set square and hold it with the biggest side to the point of the ball pen

Step 4:

put the set square on the ball pen an try to put the ball pen in the middle of the set square.

Step 5:

push the set square between the pen itself and its clip (or...whatever it's called)
almost done!

Step 6:

now your awesome little plane is almost finished.
The last step is very important.

Step 7:

close your eyes and imagine the awesomeness!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Well that's sortof interesting. How about building a paper airplane and show us how that flies :)