How to Make an Awesome Minecraft Pool and Diving Board!

How to make a minecraft pool and diving board really easily and really fast and it is really good for parties in minecraft for new years 2015 and just to have some fun and I hope you guys like this and decide to make it yourself because it is so awesome and fun and REALLY easy and Fast!

Step 1: Blocks Needed

1.3 blocks of your choice

Step 2: The Pool

Take the block of your choice and build a 15x15x15 square for the pool.

Step 3: The Pool

Fill the pool up with water.

Step 4: The Board

Build up 5 and put a ladder on these blocks.

Step 5: The Board

Build over 2 on the blocks you just placed the build over 3 on these blocks then go in like in the screenshot above.THEN YOU'RE DONE!!



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