How to Make an Ear V.1

Introduction: How to Make an Ear V.1

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Here, by watching a step by step process you'll be able to see how to make an ear either for a puppet or for a mask or whatever.
I'm also thinking about doing a few in some edible dough and then serve them with some jelly...
These are made with an air dry water based dough for kids.

Brand: DAS

Don't forget to work with a drawing or a picture of a real ear next to you.
On this special case I'm making two ears for a strange looking puppet, so they don't need to be really a similar pair.
In order to have a good looking pair I advise you to work on both at the same time and always apart from the head so that you'll be able to see them both side by side.

Step 1: Laying Down the Dough

On a plastic covered table or other non absorbent surface lay down your dough as thin as possible without being to fragile.

Step 2: Giving It Some Shape

After laying down the dough you can cut the dough with a rough ear shape or not. (I opted not here.)
I generally start by folding the tips around and weld it.

Step 3: Inner Shape

By the way! ... I'm creating here a right ear .
As you can see, now I'm folding the inner material to create the ear inner strange folds. Doing this, by folding the thin dough instead of adding dough to create the folds, you'll obtain a cool look on the back of the ear later on.

Step 4: Finalizing

By now you should have something almost looking as an ear.
Recheck your drawing or picture and reshape it here and there.

Step 5: Drying

For it to have a better look when attached to the head, it's preferred to bend the ear a little bit and let it dry that way with something beneath to maintain the shape.

Step 6: Attaching the Ear

For attaching the ears just:

- cut a slot on the head you're making
- put a small lump of wetter dough there
- press the dried ear into the cranium
- smooth the connections

Step 7: Finish

These ears were used on the puppet show named F.U.N.I.L. and you can learn more about this show at: |

I'm starting other instructables about building heads, faces and other things... Wait a little.

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