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Introduction: How to Make an Ear V.2

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After the how to make an ear v.1 this is just a similar method to achieve the same but with a few small differences.

You'll be able to see how to make an ear either for a puppet or for a mask or whatever.
These are made with an air dry water based dough for kids.

Brand: DAS

Don't forget to work with a drawing or a picture of a real ear next to you.
In order to have a good looking pair I advise you to work on both at the same time and always apart from the head so that you'll be able to see them both side by side.

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Step 1: Laying Down the Dough

On a MDF or similar surface lay down your dough as thin as possible without being to fragile.
On that MDF you've already drawn a rough ear pattern with a 6B pencil. A soft pencil as a 6B will works better.
The humidity of the dough will catch the pencil pattern. If you're using a pen you should wet the MDF a little bit more to help the transfer process.
Having the pattern on the dough you just need to cut it. A water wetted thin blade will cut better.

Step 2: Inner Folds

This time I'll start by creating the inner folds.

Step 3: Outer Shape

As you can see in the pictures I'm going around the ear and curving the dough inside. Doing it inside the pattern you can see how much dough is needed to build the ear as she gets smaller than the original pattern.

Step 4: Shape It

Try to use almost no water at all while modelling.

Step 5: Finalizing

Step 6: Finish

These ears were used on the puppet show named F.U.N.I.L. and you can learn more about this show at: |

I'm starting other instructables about building heads, faces and other things... Wait a little.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm making a puppet head. I've made the moulds for the face and back of the head, but it needs ears. This tutorial is perfect for making patterns for moulding the missing ears! Thanks for posting!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This would be good for Halloween, make an ear and stick it on your forehead or something

    enVide neFelibata
    enVide neFelibata

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    yea, ... it would work.
    I want to make some edible ears to. That would work as well for Halloween. Candy shaped body parts.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    GREAT instructable...

    But, this is how you make a ear!!!

    mouse ear.jpg
    enVide neFelibata
    enVide neFelibata

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hi there zazenergy! Thanks a lot!
    I'm kinda new here. I'm preparing the V.3 now. An easier version but not so interesting that involves moulding. By the way, in most of my puppets I try not to make ears by hiding them with hair. It's really boring to make.