How to Make an Easy Wood Writing Utensil Holder That Can Attach to Desk

takes not even 10 minutes

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Step 1: Cut the Wood

take your peice of wood the size you want preferably one inch thick

Step 2: Mark Where the Holes Are Sopposed to Be

if you want you can make it less spread out or more but keep the pattern you make so it doesnt look strange. my spacing is an inch appart

Step 3: Drill the Holes

I did not have proper equipment so it looks bad but try to keep it straight and make sure the drill bit you are using is big enough.

Step 4: Sand Down the Rough Edges

try to  keep it so it does not give you slivers/smooth

Step 5: Design It

add paint or something choice is yours

Step 6: Finished Product

you are now finished!!! hope you liked it

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