How to Make an Origami Shuriken (Ninja Star)




Introduction: How to Make an Origami Shuriken (Ninja Star)

have you ever wanted paper ninja weapons? well then you're in luck

Step 1: Get Two Pieces of Origami Paper

any square paper will do

Step 2: Cut Them Both in Half

i fold then cut so i have a line of reference

Step 3: Fold Them Both in Half

fold both pieces in half the long way

Step 4: Fold It in Half the Other Way

now you just fold the other way

Step 5: Unfold the Last Fold on Both Pieces

just unfold the last fold

Step 6: Fold the Top Half Over on Both - But, Do It in Opposite Directions!

see how they are in opposite directions?

Step 7: Now Fold the Bottoms to the Opposite Sides

now it should look like this

Step 8: Turn Over

now turn over both pieces

Step 9: Fold the Two Squarish Pieces Into Triangles

well, the name says it all

Step 10: Do the Same on the Other One

Step 11: Fold in the Triangles

fold the triangles into the body of the pieces

Step 12: Put the Pieces on Top of Each Other

it shud kinda look like a swastika

Step 13: Now Fold the Triangles Into the Body of the Other Piece

see the little pockets?

Step 14: It Should Look Like This

do the same with both parts

Step 15: Flip It Over

now it should look like this

Step 16: Grab the Triangle and Put It in the Pockets in the Back

grab the triangle

Step 17: Do the Same Thing With the Other Triangle

Step 18: Flatten It Down

just push on it and fix any imperfections

Step 19: AND YOU'RE DONE!!!!!



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    7 Discussions

    5* bro! Your instructions are very clear and easy to understand!

    this makes no sense and the pics are to blurry the steps make NO SENSE!!!!

    This was so useful in my project thanks to Instructables


    This was so useful , others were helpful also but you went one step farther with more endeepth steps , if/when you update it tell them to put a quarter in the pocket it increase weight for better flight (for acctually use)

    OMG i went to other people
    and they failed and i got it on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanx soo mch man ive been wanting to make won of theses of ages bt could never assemble it you have been the clearest of them all and you should be proud out of all the shiruken (dunno how to spell it!) things urs is da best cheerz ollie :D