How to Make Batch File Software on Notepad for Windows XP

Introduction: How to Make Batch File Software on Notepad for Windows XP

here are some ways how to make batch file software

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Step 1: Start With an Idea

try to think of an idea of what the software will do


"makes a file search easier"- i made that one up of course! 

Step 2: Steps in Making the Software

look at the picture

Step 3: Next

Step 4: Then

Step 5: Even More!

Step 6: Practice Example

let's actually make a practice
one, well first open notepad!
then type this below ---->

Step 7: Other .bat File Commands

read commands

Another command is IEXPRESS wich makes a installation pogram in the file when you first open it .

Step 8: Save Your .bat File

save it in your desktop as a .bat file so you can use it on your or other computers

Step 9: Testing Your File

test it by reading the text of the open file and doing what it says

Step 10: Use It for Whatever

use it for whatever you want

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    5 weeks ago

    Very helpful tips,
    I will use the same to solve issues of my company Indiaaccess Servers and Hostasp Servers
    Thanks for your info


    5 years ago

    Nice very good totoruial I have made a snake game in batch script if anyone wants to see see my profil Knicks totoruial im favouroting this