How to Make Fairy Wings

Introduction: How to Make Fairy Wings

this will show you how to make fairy wings from houseshold objecs like...

-clothes hanger [metle ones that you could bend]
-about two meaters of fabric
-thered and pins

my frend showed me how to make this for our school fashon show......anyway here it is.

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Step 1: The Coat Hangers

you will need about 4 coat hangers two for each wing. if you want to use more then go will need to start by bending the coat hangers into four parts. the lower left the lower right and the top left and top right . do it in any shape possible but only if it looks like what you whant to make.

Step 2: The Wings

now add the seletape onto the coat hangers to make them into a circle with a point coming out
like the one in the pic below but ignore the fabric for now untill you need to add it to the wings
you can choose what colour fabric you need.

Step 3: Pin the Fabrics

the must now pin the fabrics around the coat hanger sides of the circleuntill it is very tight and will not rip anymore unless you make it. follow on to the next step to fin.

Step 4: The Last Step

were the pins are know on the fabric soe around them so they can stay in the place they should be at and to test them try and move the fabric . after this get a belt and make holes in the fabric on all the wing parts and then put the belt thourg the holes. your done

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    I once made a pair of these out of cardboard for a friend of mine. They were pink. Just so you can get the image, he's a 5'8" mexican headbaging metal freak.