How to Make Fake Pipes for Aything



this is how to make prop pipes for drift trikes bikes gravity bikes and so on.

Step 1: This Is My First Instructable Bear With Me Guys

Step 2: First Drink a Soda (any Size Can Will Do)

i reccomend normal size soda cans though for smaller projects

Step 3: Cut the Top Out With a Can Opener

use one of the good ones not one of the ones on your pocket knife

Step 4: Crimp the Top Edges

make them flush with a pair of pliers

Step 5: Now Sand Blast & Polish

remember aluminum cans are thin use sand blaster to get most off then brush the rest

they look good blank but also look good painted

Step 6: Mount on Whatever You Choose

i chose to mount mine on my drift trike after painting them black



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