How to Make Look As If Your Computer (fake) Crash Command Prompt

Intro: How to Make Look As If Your Computer (fake) Crash Command Prompt

plz  look at this it is really wierd/ realistic... it will scare the shittts out of people

Step 1: How to Get Onto Notepad

click on the start button on the left hand side of the computer screen..
then after you have done i search notepad in the search bar...
then click on notepad.

Step 2: What to Type In

when you get onto notepad type in on the top @echo... that wil start the script
after that type in start as many times as you want to (the more you type in the better)
please do not type in 1 at least type in 20-30 starts  simply copy paste wih ctrl c and
the right click then press paste.after that is done type msg * ( type in a mesage here
anything you wish to type)for example msg * Your computer hs found a virus which
poses a threat to your computer!!

Step 3: Adding File

after you have done that go on file (on the notepad) then click on save as.
you must save it on the documents by saving it as (something) .bat for example

Step 4: Pranking or Just Mucking Around

now go on your docments by either typing in on search or you have it alreay.
know right click it again and click on send to> desktop (note you have to do it
this way not saving onto the desktop for it to work. )when you have sent it to desktop
right click on the icon and click on properties. when you have done that change the icon
and colours to make it look more scary... know go on to compatibiliy (still on the properties)
and then click on all the boxes excpet the bottom box called  disable display scalling  high
DPI settings. then press apply and then ok. YOU ARE NOW READY.. double click on the icon
and walla suprise. sorry that you can not copy it onto your USB (well you can but you cant open it)



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ohh btw to get of it press ctrl-alt-delete and click on switch users .


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Plz comment on this instructable to let me know if it works on your computer!!!