How to Make Money

Introduction: How to Make Money

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make some crafts and sell them
(examples) paper shurikens1$, paper clip bow/arrow/quivercombo 3$, paper kuni knives3$, or maybe paper guns withbullets and a clip5$.

Step 1: Sell

now sell these at garage sales, at school, set up a stand, or at a park. my suggestions are on the other page but you can choose your prices.

Step 2: Money

now by the end of the time your done selling within a month you should get up two 100$ if you keep selling.



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    Huh. I didn't make $100 when I made a proper lemonade stand that had homemade brownies, spiders, lemonades (obviously), fruit cups, cookies, and other stuff, I sent out flyers. I know it only ran one day in a month but surely even one day of a proper lemonade stand would make more than a month worth's of folded paper? Or am I being an idiot? Please tell me.

    You can find out many ways from here go and earn money from home

    You should tell how to make the paper stuff.

    Just saying... The raffle tickets idea is illegal gambling

    sell raffle tickets but remember to get something nice to sell to who you draw out.

    can i just point out (late but hey) the title is how to make money not how to earn a living so even if the stuff sold makes one penny it still makes money(even if it is not in profit).

    well from experience making a living is harder than folding paper unless you work with newspapers. the best suggestion one can receive after viewing this instructable is to create a business using what is not found locally in the location of business or small cash earnings like what the author of this instructable was originally getting too

    If your still in school just mow some lawns or something, i really dont think selling folded up paper is the best way to make profit...

    thats crap stuff. sell like soda,candy, or other things that are good. Who would want to buy that crap. its a bunch or paper exept the "grenade launcher"

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