How to Make Money Online

Intro: How to Make Money Online

ever wanted to make money online but don't know where to start?
this tutorial will get you started!

Step 1: Registering

we'll be using adfly to make money
first we must register here  
click the big "join now" button and fill in the form. you will have to remember this information 
make sure that you select "link shrinker" as account type
after you register you will recieve an email with a link to confirm your registration

how adfly works:
adfly allows you to shrink links, when you share a shrinked link and someone clicks it, you get paid
example of such a link:

Step 2: Login

login using the account you just created

Step 3: Find a Link

find a link (a URL) you want to share, any link will do (link to a video,image,site,...)

copy it and paste it into the line 
then click the "shrink" button

it will load for 2-3 seconds and then you will get shrinked link, copy this link

Step 4: Sharing Your Link

share the link you just created anywhere (where it's allowed)
make sure people want to click it 
so if for example your link leads to an image of a horse 
dont say: lame horse picture
but say something like: epic horse with jetpack flying over a train!!!!!

you get the point

you can just post a link on facebook or in the discription of a video or you could think of some other place where a lot of people would want to click your links. BE CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE!

Step 5: Things You Should Know (important)

-you can shange some settings about your links you want to shrink  by clicking the "more options" button (banner adverts are less annoying to your visitors but earn you less
-depending on what country your visitors are from you get paid more or less
-read the terms of service and don't break the rules or you will lose your account
-make sure you enter your correct paypal account in your account settings before withdrawing money!
-some forums and sites don't allow adfly links 
-you don't have to put much time in this to get a lot of money, you just have to find a good place to share your links and have some interesting content!
-this won't earn you 1000$ a month ( you can earn this much but it's hard) but it can earn you 200$-300$ if you're good at it.
- any link you shrink will be stored on the front page of your adfly account, if you remove a link you will no longer earn from it.
-don't use the money you earn to build a zombie-cyborg army to take over the world, i'm warning you!



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