How to Make Phone Holder From Pvc Water Pipe

Introduction: How to Make Phone Holder From Pvc Water Pipe

From my last Instructable on some friend askin me for makin instructable for phone holder. so is this a Instructable how to make a phone holder from flatten pvc water pipe.

you can view for step by step or just watc it on my video :

Step 1: Tool You Need for This Project

1. your phone

2.water pipe pvc who has flatted ( how to flatten pvc water pipe "






8.super glue (strong glue for plastic)

Step 2: Lets Make the Base Holder

-First , create a rectangle on flatt pvc. According to the size of your phonecell and cut of it.

-create a line right in the middle of the back of the pieces of pvc

-heat by burning with ligther. burn right along the line. fire don't get too big, too close and too long because it could burn pvc

-When the pvc was getting flabby on area burned, buckling, create a 45 degree angle.

-create a line approximately 1, 5 cm on one side, same way, burn on the line and bucking 20 degre

-the base of holder has created, next step

Step 3: Lets Make the Top Holder

-create a rectangular plate strip of pvc

-approximately 2 cm from one side is marked with a line

-burn on the line and bending, create a 90 degree angle. use your angle side phone for fitting.

- gift the marker line on the pvc fit on your phone, burn in the line and buckling fit on size your phone,

- cut approximately on the side that is bent. and make sure the bending is hold your phone.

-same way make a bent on the other side use your phone for fit the bend look at the picture.

- and make on the other plat but only in one side, Paste the 2 pieves plate which already formed, formed letter T use a strong glue.

-the Top holder has created.

Step 4: Last Step

-combine the two piece base holder and top holder using a glue look to the picture.

-and your phone holder is ready to use.

Nb. For more comfort to your phone and look beautiful, you can add layer iwith official fabrics, and put some accesories. :)

#Thankyou :) sorry for my bad language and the writing, my English is not really good

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