How to Make Police Light Circuit

Introduction: How to Make Police Light Circuit

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This is my first instructables project about the police light
it is fun working with it and VERY SIMPLE circuit

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Step 1: Material Required 555 Ic 10 K Resistance R1,R2 10 Uf Capacitor Led L1,L2 5 V Dc Supply Jumper Wires Breadboard

Step 2:

add resistance R1 between the 8th and 7th pin of ic and R2 between 7th and 6th pin of ic

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

Step 4:

now connects the 8th pin to the 4th pin and 2nd to the 6th

Step 5:

add the capacitor between 1st and 2nd pin of ic
add -ve terminal of led L1 to the 1st pin and +ve to the 3rd and then -ve terminal of L2 to the 3rd and +ve to the 4th

Step 6:

finally join the ground pin to the first terminal of ic and vcc to the 4th and ur project is ready to work
thank u :)

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