How to Make Ruby Slippers From the Wizard of Oz




Introduction: How to Make Ruby Slippers From the Wizard of Oz

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I'm 15 and I found it hard to find ruby slippers anywhere and I thought many others may be having the same problem so I made my own and thought I'd share them with everyone. Hope you enjoy.

Things you will need:
-A pair of shoes
-Stringed red sequins preferably metallic : about 10 meters each shoe
-Red bugle beads : 1 packets fine
-Red glitter glue
-White or red (I used white) diamantes with a sewing back : around 35 to 40 each bow
-Red material : only need scrap material
-Cardboard or thick paper
-Needle and thread
-Two red rectangular shaped stones

Step 1: Making Bows

Step 1: Get the cardboard and cut it into a bow shape I don't have the measurements because I didn't measure anything I cut it to how I wanted. (You can find the measurements for the real shoes bow online).

Step 2: Use the red material to glue over the cardboard .

Step 3: Using the needle and thread, sew around the edges with the diamantes.

Step 4: Sew the red stone onto the middle of the bow and then use the larger diamantes to sew around the stone.

Step 5: Glue the bugle beads using the red glitter glue onto on either side of the red stone in the remaining space. To add some extra sparkle I sprinkled some red glitter into any spaces.

Step 6: To finish off the bow cut another piece of cardboard or thick paper and glue it to the back. Once again use the red material to glue onto the back.

Step 2: Sequins Onto Shoes

Step 1: Start at the bottom of the shoe and put a line of PVA glue around the bottom. Place the sequins on the glue and go around the shoe till yo reach the top. Make sure to keep looking back at what you have already done because you don't want any gaps. You will have to keep pushing the sequins down and this can get messy.

Depending on the shoe you may reach the top of one side quicker then the other, sometimes this means you will have to over lap a bit or cut the sequins and place where needed make sure to put the start of the new line of sequins under the other other wise it will look messy .

Do all the same for the heal.

A few tips :

Just before you start do a tester and put the glue onto the sequins because sometimes it makes them go black depending on the glue.

When glueing make sure it doesn't go all over the sequins because it takes away its shiny look.

Check the direction the sequins are going and make sure you do the same for both shoes.

Step 3: Putting Bow on Shoe

Cover the back of the bow with glue and place onto the shoe.

You'll need something to hold down the bow to the shoes otherwise it may not glue properly. I used scissors on either side but you can use anything that isn't going to ruin the bow.

Leave for an hour or until they are dry.

Step 4: Finish

Now your shoes are done ! They are very good for parties or perhaps as a theater costume. Give them a go in other colors such as green (reminds me of the Emerald City).



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    Hi I am Robert Bevins and I'm going to make a pair of these shoes for my daughter for our father daughter dance, Alisha's wedding on July 17th excuse me July 7th 2018, thank you...

    I love how accurate these are! Normally if you find Dorothy shoes, they are just glitter and don't have the detail from the movie. Thanks, awesome tutorial!

    The original slippers were silver but they made them red in the movie to "pop" in technicolor oz fan 101

    these are soo adorable !! and THANK YOU for sharing your creativity with us here !! this is going into my favorite file !!

    They're called "sequins", not "sequences". Nice job -- they'd look good for theater, costume, etc.

    4 replies

    not nice I agree with porcupinemamma.Do us all a favor and delete your comment.And yes you did an amazing job...

    thankyou for telling me that i was making it yesterday and had the biggest mind blank haha that was a bad mistake thanks jess

    what a mature young lady you are! There are many older people in this world who cannot take constructive criticism so well!

    she is 15 years old and has done an amazing job.  Why not send her a private message and help her with spelling instead of publically shaming her?

    How much did all the materials including the shoes cost you? If you already had the shoes, how much did the materials cost you? How long did it take you to get all the sequins on straight like that, thats brilliant! You did a wonderful job!! I would like to make a pair for my daughter, I missed where you used the glitter though.. Thank you for making this!! Good job!

    1 reply

    Well i bought the shoes from red cross so they were only $10 dollars and i think all up the materials cost around $40-$50 but it depends where you buy your sequins from because some places have the roll of them for cheaper. Sorry i couldn't be more help It's been a while since i made these. Oh and i used the glitter on the bows just to make them more sparkly :) . Thankyou

    I have a flapper costume thing in April and have been hunting high and low for silver shoes to match the dress. But I am cheap so it has been hard to find a pair that coincide with my spinster sensibilities and my monster bunion. I have a an old pair of shoes in the giveaway pile that will be perfect for this. Thanks
    The children are our future!!!

    They look great! And the first picture is brilliant.

    You should think about separating out some of the big blocks of text into smaller blocks and adding capitals, it would make it much easier to read!

     These r beautiful!  I am going to try to make a pair this weekend.  I looked last weekend for brown shoes like this to bring out a beautiful but basic cocoa colored dress.  I settled for some shoes that I didn't even like.  Thanks 4 sharing!!!

    1 reply

    oh thankyou :) did you end up making them ?if you did please share the photos with me

    /me has an uncontrollable desire to photograph these in a light tent. So shiny! I second Kozz's comment, the word "sequences" confused me until I realised they were "sequins", but your instructions are still good (and you have got me appreciating a pair of shiny shoes :D)