How to Make Some Cool Jars




number 1: buried treasure. you need peebles, a sign, and scenery. you put peebles, plants, sign, fill with water, then put fish in

number 2: lightning lights. you need lights, flat green marbles, and duct tape. surround the jar with lights, and then you fill the jar with the marbles, then cover the top, and cut out lightning bolts and put on sides. 

number 3: shiny blue. you mix glue and blue food coloring. you then spread on jar and let it dry
number 4: same thing as number 3, but you give it a long time to dry in the sun,  and it gives it a cool cracked look

number 5: gold bottle. you spray paint it gold, then you get thin black twine and wrap around it, then put the cloth around it



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This might work even better as a step by step project. That way each photo can be associated with the appropriate text, rather than numbering the photos.

    I like the gold one.