How to Make Square Shape Watermelon


square watermelon is now become more and more popular in many countries , it is great products for giving gifts for friends and family , but if you want to try out yourself , then it will be a amazing journey to see how it happens ...

Step 1: Buy the Square Watermelon Mold

if you want to make it easy to shape a watermelon into square shape , there are many ways can do this , you can build a steel square box , or glass box , but it will cost you a lot of time and you will not probably to get the best shape of it , the easiest is to buy the mold from , many other molds also available . there are different size , it all depends on how big square you want it to be ....

Step 2: Put the Mold on the Baby Watermelon

after you get the molds , then it will be much easy to use it . first ,you need to try on the proper size of watermelon depends on the size of the square watermelon mold , do not use the mold on the watermelon which is much bigger size than the mold ,it will probably break the mold finally .. but it is ok , the mold is made of polycarbonate ,which is pretty strong material , can be used for many times .you just need to find out how to use them probably before you get the best shape of it .

Step 3: Cut It Off When the Watermelon Fully Filled in the Mold

it is a important process , you need to pay more attention at the final stage , do not let it growing when you see the watermelon fully filled the molds , you may doubt that it might be not ripe yet when the shapes is done , it still comes to the selection of the watermelon type , if you choose the much bigger size of watermelon , then you will not get the ripen one when the shaping is done , but remember the shapes is the matter to all , and if you want to make things perfect , then you need to learn more , let us know .



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    that website is horrible, even though it has a basket/cart page there is no price list for any mold, nor any button for add to basket. how do i order anything?

    1 reply

    sorry for the site , please contact for catalog and price list , the shipping cost will be depends on the molds size and quantity .

    Mr AbAk

    4 years ago

    Nice Ible....