How to Make the Best Paper Snowflakes!



Introduction: How to Make the Best Paper Snowflakes!

yes yes, the holidays are over for now, but it doesn't mean you can't do this simple project :)

excuse some quality of these pictures, as it was all taken with my macbook.

if this is similar to another persons intructable, my apologies, as i had learned this technique in school a few years back and was not in anyway trying to copy someones idea!

Step 1: Supplies

you might have guessed from the title that you'll need paper and scissors, BUT as all good instructables, this one too should have an items page.

> sheet of printer paper


> tape ( for hanging purposes )

P.S. if you have surgical scissors, they will work GREAT for this project as you will be able to add more detail, but normal scissors shoukd work fine.

Step 2: Part Two

ok, here's where the folding begins. fold one corner into the other side, and for lack of a better description i highly reccomend you look at the pictures. pictures are more fun anyways.

Step 3: Cutting Time, Part Three

since you folded your paper, you might have noticed how you now have a rectangle at the bottom of your sheet ( hold the pointed end up, rectangle at the bottom for orientation) now, simply cut that part off, make sure it doesnt pass the folded part ( please please PLEASE look at the pictures) as an end result you should have a squair with a fold down the middle, and a long rectangle which can be recycled.e

Step 4: Folding!

remember the square we made? fold that paper in half, along the line that already exists ( you should be getting a triangle )

Step 5: More Triangles!

fold triangle in half, like so.

Step 6: Step Six

fold the corners in ( picture fun time again )

Step 7: More Cutting Again

now acquire your scissors again, your almost done! begin to cut the top off ( in a semi-circular shape ) view in picture

Step 8: Open Up It Up!

at this point, when you unfold what you have now, it should look like a circle. this is your " blank snowflake". if you unfolded, refold now.

Step 9: Almost Finished!

next take your scissors ( here is where the medical / surgical scissors would come in handy ) and start to take small cuts of paper out of the "triangle". the more you make, the more detailed the snowflake you will get.

Step 10: Finally, It's Done!

once you feel you have put enough cuts into your snowflake, open up and enjoy! i've made these for around the house on the holidays.

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