How to Make the Gear Strip

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Hi everybody this is the instructions on how to make the gear strip.  If you don't know what it is,  here is a link  to iit

Okay let's get making!

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

Her is the list of supplies you will need for this project 

duct tape
inner tube
tape measure
black electrical tape 

wire cutter 


Step 2:

Okay now we are going to tape the wire to the tape measure.

First cut the desired length of tape measure and wire, then tape the end of the wire to the tape measure on the sunk-in side of the tape measure. 

Now cut a strip as long as the piece of tape measure, then tape it to to the tape measure so it covers one side of the tape measure and the wire, then cover the whole tape measure with the duct tape. 

Step 3:

Now we are going to trim the tape measure so it is not sharp at the ends,  trim it so that it is round at the ends.

Step 4:

Now slip the tape measure into the inner tube and bend the ends of the inner tube over on top of itself, then wrap black electrical tape around the end.

Step 5:

Okay now cover the whole thing with duct tape. 

Now you are done with the gear strip! 



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    4 years ago

    Vote! That is really cool! I'm going to make one! If you look at maxpedition products, some have MOLLE webbing. The thing is they sell the ties separately. This will help a lot!

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