How to Make the Most Movie Accurate Arc Reactor EVER!

Introduction: How to Make the Most Movie Accurate Arc Reactor EVER!

its here it is finally here the mother of all ARC REACTORS the god of mini arc reactor heaven the mark 1 movie accurate replica instructable is HERE!!!!!!! enjoy.

Step 1: What You Will Need.

so most of the things on this list could be found at michael's and the internet.
2.sculpty or clay.
3.silver spray paint.
4. copper wire thin works best.
5. these pedicure tools i found around the house.
6. 11 L.E.D lights not dot it you will have to wire them.
7 a 9 volt connection thing.
8 copperish gold cole spray paint.
9 expandable stuff for a harness.

and make sure you have a TON OF CLAY.

Step 2: Getting the Look.

well sculpt a perfect circle of the polymorph for the clear ring then wrap copper wire around it
this process is very easy but takes forever. sculpt a small ring and make 3 pieces coming out
with the clay the size may vary depending on the size of your polymorph ring. then if you see the
pic you want every thing to fit then sculpt a circle bigger that the ring will 3 pieces but smaller that the
polymorph ring then just take a knife and gently push little lines all around it then bake the clay pieces.

Step 3: Wiring the Led Lights.

now if you don't know how to wire led lights either learn how or have someone do it for you. you
can also add that 9 volt connection make sure the wire is long so it can go to your pocket.

Step 4: Coming Together.

well now that you have made your clay pieces it is time for the gold piece in the middle of the reactor
this takes time just look at the picture and take your time you can do it.

Step 5: Almost Finished.

well now you will need a hot glue gun and just put the pieces together and make a casing out of clay.

Step 6: Done

and you are now tony stark i hope this has helped please rate this 5 stars and thank you.

here are some pics with the reactor and repulsors coming soon.



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    17 Discussions

    really good! btw u remind me of justin beiber... hope thats not an insult XD

    Dude! I made an 'ible just like this! Some guy called me a plargurist fot it! I did NOT know there was one like mine!

    1 reply

    needs some work but you're almost there bro. (almost looks professional) very nicely done. i guess all you need are a few more tools (and the knowledge to use them of course) and you'll do great in fabrication. :) as for the lights being too bright, don't worry about that too much. i'm sure you could fix that. cheerios! :P

     have you thought about using el wire? at least for the lights for the hands

    Is there any easier way to do this???

    There seems to be a large discrepancy between the last "in progress" image and the finished product. It appears as though you go from a gray partially sculpted clay ring to a painted and lit finished piece in one step. Consider adding more steps and clarifying a few bits so somebody could actually follow these instructions and come up with a similar result. Nice effort though, I imagine we will see some great things from you in the future.

    Is there a simpler way to do this project?

    Can I do this without polymorph?

    i dont get this part. is there a possible way to make this part more descriptive? thanks, it would help a lot. :)

    yo man thanx it gave me a great idea to build a real ark circuit and carry on with a new approach to my anti gravity experiments thanx angain

    wow... umm.. are you sure you wired the LEDs correctly? looks a little too bright to be correct... BTW, I'm 14, ns to meet you... anyway... yea... 9 volts powering a little LED seems a little harsh for the little guys... after all they can only take 3.3 volts to be insanely bright and still last you a few months...

    3 replies

    It would depend on how you wired the LEDs. If they're all in parallel and getting the full 9 volts, you're right, it would be way too much. But what if you broke it up into three parallel groups and connected those in series? Each group should get about 3V. Of course, he didn't mention it, but they're all going to have current limiting resistors as well. 9V is ok as long as you can spread it over a lot of lights!

    It could be the photograph. Cameras, if left on full auto mode, tend to over-emphasize the brightness of light sources.

    true, that's why I lower exposure. My suggestion is use full auto only when manual fails... LOL

    I like the hand pieces! you should post those!