How to Make Wooden Piercings. Rings and S

Introduction: How to Make Wooden Piercings. Rings and S

About: i just want to be a free human and express myself using my surroundings. teaching people that sky is the limit!!!

hello this is my first instructable. i love to work on wood and i love to make handcrafts. soo most of all my instructables i will publish they are from my inspiration and made with love.

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Step 1: First of All. Materials and Tools.

when i start to do my piercings i just only use a hammer drill and my presious chisels, but it takes a lot of time.

now i use many tools and there is many tool to do it.

try to do your first pieces on scrap wood or wood that doesnt have any value, its just to value your skils and feel inside of all this piercings.

on my case i start to use wood from pallets and it was ok because i break a lot of pieces, but it wasd ok, cuz i learnd how its gonna b

Step 2: Wee Start on the Spyrals

for cutting the wood i use myspecial saw, but you can use a normal saw and clamps to hold your piece.

i try to cut very good to show you the cutting steps.

them you gonna get a spyral but all the edges are square, sooo, lets make it rounded corners, cuz wee dont want square edges.

for erase my edges i use many tools like my moto tool and the sand papper included.

and i use my chisels, i got those ones that have a diferent cutting points. i use the curved ones to make it nicer.

this steps are the most important steps , cuz its the ones that make it look nicer your spyral, and its the step that takes more time than other stems.

remenber... i make this figure cuz i like it, but on internet heres many forms to create your own wooden piercing.

this instructable is to show you how creativiti makes nice things. so get creative and make your own one. i just get my pencil and i draw, no printing, just imagination, soo do the same please.

Step 3: Now Its Time for the Wooden Ring.

dont forget to try on ugly wood, its just to practice and feel comfortable on what you are doing.

on practice you gonna get pretty results. i do a lot of times, even on any woodwork i do, but... i LOVE TO WORK ON WOOD!!!!

use your drill to make the sizes you need on you ring, i use this kind of drill bits, they are perfect to meke round pieces, or i called tires, cuz i do the same to make weels to wooden toys,

if you have many of this kind of drill bits, i show you how to make many sizes on rings.

for make the hole of the midle more bigger i use 1/2 inch drill bit, and i hold on my hands, but you can use a clamp to do it.

to make the exterior face i use again my dremel and the sandin accesorie that every dremel has it.

most off all is sanding proceses, theres one picture that shows step by step hows the ring should be

Step 4: More Sanding and Chisels.

i enjiy a lot making this pieces, so i decided to make a lots and diferent forms, like the black one has a flower view.

chisels, are the open gate to creativity and woodcrafts.

when i start woodworking i start only 6 diferent chisels and my rubber hammer,

i loved a lot my chisels, are the only tools that makes me feel free and inspired to do a lots of crafts and stuff.

every woodworker should start as the same as me only whit chisels and a hammer.

its wen you really know if this is you pasion or its just a only proyect.

many people hates to spend time doing this but for me, its like the same to make a mandala. they really make me feel OOOMH!! I recomended to relax your mind as the budist way.

Step 5: Finishing and Painting.

you can use a spray can a brush, an airbrush .

the important thing is the varnish. put many hands as you can because the wooden piercing can absorbed humidity water and could make infections.

so to evade those problems i recomend first off all you must sand the piercin whit very soft sand paper like one 500 grain paper to close pores and make it more smoother.

them i use transparent primer. whey primer gets dry you mus sand it a lil is just to covered all inperfections and make your piercing wont absorbed anything and even you cand have a shower whitout taking off.

them put color on it. use oil paint or paint for wood.

and varnish.

varnish process its simple aply one hand and let it dry. if you feel any inperfections, let it dry and sand the inperfectiosn.

and put a second hand of varnish.

on my works i put into 4 or 5 hands of varnish but i use the mate tones cuz the othes they shine a lot for me. but depends on you the finishing you make en your work.

if you have any questions, let me know and i be very happy to resolved all your questions.

the thing here is...every thing you want to get. make it, cuz every human has the ability to make beautiful stuff.

i hate go to factories and buy, i hope many people could make they own stuff and safe money

Step 6: The Cone...

i make this piece just to pot on peoples ears and know which size are those peoples, soo now i know which size they got my customersand make they special piercing on wood.

i hope people could understand all my steps, im not so good on english, is not my native language,

but on this world every human should explote the best each one they got.

soo to everybody read this, have a nice dicember!! and keep people making instructables for life.

its the best way to get out of the black hole!!!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Start to Finish that's a pretty cool Idea! Love the paint you chose !


    5 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this. Your comment that everyone should start with basic tools is very true. To often people go and buy all the tools they can. They might produce great things with them. But there's two problems... when the electric goes out their stuck and what they produce is less part of them.
    Thanks for sharing... I may just make one for the fun of it. :)