How to Make Your Instructable in Manga Style



This is a manga style DIY instructable (named INSA-2011) drawing. Now the major rule of drawing manga is to start with a basic outline for the figurine you want to draw . Outline is and integral part of ur manga character as your whole drawing comes upon  your outline. as for this contest something superhero like was needed hence i thought of an manga charater of the basic instructable robot. this charater has some normal anime looks and some characteristic hero like features plus  some robotic features  i have attached to this step a photo of the outline that i have made

Step 1: Lets Start _ Making the Face

face is the modem of expression in manga style drawing even if ur body proportions are not in alignment but ur face should be full of expression  ...  hence i started wid a 3d rectangular block  and inserted eyes and a superhero rage like expression on the rectangle,..
it is very important for u to remember that u need to fix a angle of light so that u can adjust ur eye level left or right depending upon ur angle    i chose the right hand side corner of my page   then after the eyes i made the charateristic ears ....  now a very important part is the direction of the antennae.... as i suppose that the hero is moving towards the right hence the antennae have to be on the left side.....opposit to the line of the movement

Step 2: The Trunk

now after the face the next important thing is the body trunk that is the thorax and the abdomen..... before that the neck is taken up the the cloth for the cape i designed :)      as for the trunk as the INSA 2011 is moving towards the right hence the portion of the trunk towards the left should be more bulging out as compared to the left portion the picture for this step will be included in the next step

Step 3: The Arm and Forearm

we should not be forgetting the fact that the charater that we are making is an robot  hence there should not be any curve just simple straight lines   the arm from the origin from the trunk should be thick and by the end the structure reacked the wrist level the thickness should decrease

Step 4: The Wrist

i have given a gloved look to INSA 2011 and i have clenched his fist     ............ plsss remember to properly align his fingers by looking at your own hand

Step 5: The Right Hand and the Sword

the right hand simillar to the left is clenched and has a sword of the classic mediviel period

Step 6: The Cape

the cape can be drawn any how depending upon you   i have taken a long superman like cape

Step 7: The Knee

the right knee bent hence it is a bit horizontal and then follows a  downward course   while on the left side the knee joint is totally stretched and hence is set in an oblique manner

Step 8: Final Touches

add in the shoes and the techno details in ur INSA 2011  and its done



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