How to Make:single,rainbow Loom Braclets

Introduction: How to Make:single,rainbow Loom Braclets

things you need :
rubber bands

Step 1: Starting Off

Put your bands in a zig zag position like in the picture untill you get to the end. I used pink because I have so many.

Step 2: Hooking

Flip the loom around so the bands are on the right. Pull the first band going from left to right up one like in the picture. Keep repeating that till you get to the top.

Step 3: Taking of the Loom

When you take the braclets off the loom, you have to be carefull no bands come off . Pull the braclet off from the bottom to the top. Put the s or c clip on the top of the braclet when its all off. Fold the end over so its like the other bands, then put he other end of the clip so its done.

Step 4: Finished, Ta Da!!

There is the finished bracelet,ENJOY!!

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