How to Mod a Vulcan Belt




Introduction: How to Mod a Vulcan Belt

in this instructable i'll show you how to mod a nerf vulcan belt. it is quite simple, doesn't take much time and almost doubles the range. please comment

Step 1: Materials

all you will need is
1. vulcan belt
2. needle nosed pliers
3. knife

Step 2: Remove the Air Restrictors

now just grab the sides of the center hole and twist it until it falls off. then, use the knife to smooth the edges.

Step 3: Repeat

now just repeat that 24 more times!!! :)

Step 4: Fire!!!

turn it on and have fun



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    15 Discussions

    so if you take off the air restrictors it gives it more power? Cool, i know what im doing tonight. hee hee hee...

    i did this to my vulcan and it really increases range and i dont have to waste money on darts cause is just make stefans.

    It is a cool thing to do, but then why would Nerf ever make the belts not shoot as far as they can after the modifacation?

    Your instructions are clear, but I'd suggest you add something to your introduction explaining someone would want to make this modification.

    4 replies

    Well, I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but at the top it says "almost doubles the range"

    I took them apart only with a long flat-head screwdriver. (broke off holding things)