How to Mod Widows Xp

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i have not come out with any new material lately so you better put on a helmet im going to blow your mind this is the debute (first show) of my theme "overhaul" package going to be available in a while for download and applying to your xp this overhaul woll rack up some ov the best themes scavanged from the far ends of the dump hole we call the internet!!!

Step 1: Themes

the thems will be distibuted via plunder please no body scream "hackkkks!!!" im not a hacker not a spammer im just a regular 14 year old dude so lets move on

some of the thems that will be shoved into the pack

download the theme pack here

Step 2: Lets Get to the Downloadin

[calm down calm down its coming]

these are what you need to run the themes which will not take up any ram its just another style that is the same format of the basic style which is blue and green

download Uxtheme Multi-patcher it will will allow you to use any 3rd party msstyle which is the format of your visual style. get that HERE

now that that is done your pc is ready for the files YESSS

go back up to the plunder link on page 1

enjoy people



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